Testimonials: Durham School: independent day and boarding school in the North East of England for boys and girls
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I would recommend Durham School Sixth Form to anyone as I I felt welcome from the day I joined and have greatly enjoyed my time here. I've made a lot of good friends and I feel that I have grown in confidence. The teachers are friendly and supportive and the House system is great. It's the perfect choice for anybody who wants to achieve good A-levels and have the chance to excel at music or sport.

Liam Groves, Sixth Former

The atmosphere in Pimlico is warm and friendly and there is always someone to give you a hug, tissues or a cup of tea if you're having a bad day. I am glad to be a Pimlico girl and haven't yet got through one day here without giggling!

Su Choi, Pimlico House Sixth Former

When I came to the School I was dubious about how the House system could work but now I know that Bungites (School House) is more than a House; it is, in fact, a family full of different and exciting personalities.

Harry White, Old Dunelmian, School House

I joined Durham School, having no idea what to expect. It has been a great experience and I wouldn't change anything about my time here. Durham School has changed me into a mature young man and has prepared me for later life.

David Taylor, Old Dunelmian

My time at Durham School has been nothing short of fantastic and the experiences I have gained will undoubtedly have given me skills for life. My favourite aspect of the School has been the House system and having the honour to be Head of School House for my last year at school was something I will look back on for years to come.

Byung Choi, Old Dunelmian

Why I love Geography

I chose Geography because of its relevance to so many global issues.  I've developed a broad range of skills involving fieldwork, essay writing and data handling.  Topics on urban and rural change have given me an insight into issues that will be important when I go on to study Architecture. 

Emma Gray, Year 13

The English Department at Durham School is truly exceptional.  The teachers are helpful, engaging and the loveliest people you could ever ask to teach you. They have inspired me to apply to study English at university and the support they have given me in achieving this aim has been indispensable.

Lexy Powell, Year 13

English has given me the advantage of being able to explore and take into account so many points of view.  With the help of the teachers, I am able to reach my full potential.  Studying poetry, novels and plays, I feel as though I can exceed my limits. 

Helen Cuthbertson, Year 13

English A Level is extremely enjoyable but at the same time it provides me with valuable skills for university and beyond.  I love that the lessons are opportunities for discussion and group work to share our own ideas about poetry, plays and novels.  English lessons are made interative and interesting by the amazing English teachers at Durham School. 

Helen Clifford, Year 13

Biology was a subject that I always enjoyed and did well in so it was no surprise I chose to carry it on at A Level. The course at Durham School was one I found challenging and enjoyable. The enthusiastic teaching was supported by interesting lab practicals and dissections which helped reinforce the concepts learned in class. We went on interesting trips which were relevant to the course and also quite a lot of fun! I found the support from the staff to be readily available and incredibly helpful which assisted me in getting an A in Biology at the end of the two years. This allowed me to go on and study Medicine at St Andrews and the application for this was also supported by the staff in the Biology Department. 

Calum Richarsdon, OD (2014)
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