Enrichment: Durham School: independent day and boarding school in the North East of England for boys and girls
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Enrichment is vast and wide-ranging, it is something that the school really excels at and the students really enjoy.

One of the core purposes of our school is to produce a young person who is well-rounded, polite, disciplined, has good communication skills and who has both teamwork and leadership qualities in equal abundance. The enrichment programme reinforces and enhances this concept in our students

Opportunities range from ; Duke of Edinburgh Awards, CCF, World Challenge Expeditions, roles of responsibility with the Sixth Form (Monitors, Heads of House etc..), a multitude of musical opportunities, opportunities to take part in both recreational and elite team sports, drama, Heretics Society , Scholars' debates, the Tristram Society, the Academic Society etc... The list is endless.

All 6th form students have to accept a role as leaders and role models for the younger students in the school. Their achievements, behaviour and attitudes to both staff and their academic work are very powerful aspirational incentives for the younger students as they grow up in our community.

Sixth form students also chair and run various School Councils, organise and co-ordinate charity work in the community, help our junior school (Bow) with various activities (such as their Sports Day), act as ambassadors for the school at external events where we are expected to be represented and (very importantly) guide new and prospective pupils and parents on tours of the school site and the Houses.

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