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We encourage good eating habits and an appreciation of fresh food.

Chartwells in partnership with Durham School

Feeding young people is a responsibility Chartwells and Durham School have both always taken very seriously. We recognise the importance of nutritionally balanced menus, consisting of fresh seasonal food, freshly cooked and served by enthusiastic and caring catering teams.

We realise that we have a major part to play in encouraging pupils to choose wisely and to eat well and we make sure that our menus meet their increasingly sophisticated expectations. To support this, we include food development chefs and a state-registered dietician as part of our team.

It is our priority to ensure that your child is eating well at school

Getting children to eat the right things is a concern for every parent, which is why we make a significant investment in training our catering teams in all aspects of diet and nutrition.

We always aim to:

  • provide a balance choice for all children
  • provide meals that are both tasty and interesting
  • provide food that will make a positive contribution to a child's health and well-being
  • provide well-balanced choices for children with special dietary needs, including food intolerance, food allergies and cultural requirements

Recipe for life

As part of our on-going programme of providing the highest standards of food choice to pupils we have developed "Recipe for Life". This includes:

  • a “tried and tested” collection of seasonal recipes that exceed the nutritional requirements for young people
  • flexible menus that provide tasty food for children of all ages
  • menus that are not only nutritionally balanced but provide children with what they want to eat
  • menus based on 95% fresh ingredients

Our aim is to encourage good eating habits and an appreciation of fresh food that we hope our young people will retain into adulthood.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the catering service at the School, please contact Peter Orchard, Catering Manager at Durham School at

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