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Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

Durham School Combined Cadet Force is a voluntary cadet force, which allows pupils to enter into the Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force Section. The CCF Contingent meets once a week for one hour after school for parade during which the following training takes place.


The Army syllabus includes basic land-based military skills such as weapon handling, army formations, tactics and living in the field. During training, other skills are developed such as navigation, team work and leadership. The clear rank structure in the Army section offers cadets the opportunity to progress up the ranks as a result of commitment and improvement in military knowledge.

Royal Navy:

The RN syllabus concentrates on sailing as a main activity – both the preparation for and the act of sailing a variety of different boats – but it also has a military background to it too, with cadets learning about the history of the RN and also the modern day capability of the Royal Navy. The RN section is very active throughout the sailing season and is very successful at a regional and national level.

Royal Air Force:

The RAF syllabus provides cadets with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the RAF, with a great deal of focus on the equipment and capability of the RAF, and also the structure and tactics employed. Cadets begin a training process that sees them progress through the ranks as their experience and knowledge develops. RAF cadets can also get the opportunity to fly and gain qualifications in the air.

With the three sections being on offer to pupils at Durham School from the age of 14, we find that many opportunities are presented to them throughout their time in the CCF. Regardless of which section they decide to join, all cadets will develop skills in leadership, command and team work in an environment not offered to them anywhere else. We aim to develop self-confidence, discipline and respect for others whilst ensuring that they have a good time!

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