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The Expedition programme run at Durham School is specifically designed to meet the needs of pupils who wish to test and extend their existing abilities, as well as those who want to discover talents as yet unseen. Working on a two-year cycle, we take a group of pupils to a part of the developing world so that they can experience different cultures and ways of life.  Travelling abroad is not just about observing; what we find amazing about taking pupils to the developing world for a month is that they find the challenges they face, help them to develop confidence and responsibility. 

In the pre-expedition phase, pupils are responsible for fundraising and planning their trip and during an Expedition, pupils are fully responsible for cooking, planning journeys, managing a large budget, staying healthy in regions that are, to an extent, alien to them.  By organising, managing and leading a group of peers, pupils often realise that their capabilities are far greater than they had previously thought.  The pupils’ fundraising ideas have shown great ingenuity, ranging from a highly-successful fashion show to discos, bag-packing and cake sales. Ultimately, the success and joy of any of these trips is derived, mainly, from the satisfaction of knowing that it has been paid for through planning and hard work.

Recent trips have taken place with World Challenge, we had groups visiting Ethiopia and Malaysia and Borneo. Our expeditions have included a physical challenge such as a high mountain trek, a charitable phase such as rebuilding classrooms in a local School and teaching children and rest and relaxation for several days at the end before returning to the UK.  In recent years we have also had groups visiting Northern India, The Galapagos Islands, Mongolia, Kenya, Uganda, Argentina, Madagascar and Costa Rica.

If you wish to find out more about our Expedition Programme at Durham School, please contact Mrs K. Rochester at k.rochester@durhamschool.co.uk

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