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Learn to 'think like a Psychologist' with a keen ability to critically analyse and evaluate behavioural theory.

Head of Department: Miss S Watchman

Teaching Staff: Mrs S Abbiss


Literally defined, Psychology is the ‘scientific study of the human mind and behaviour’. At Durham School, Psychology is an extremely popular choice amongst sixth form students and the AQA A Level syllabus offers an exploration of both classic and contemporary theory, research and methodology. Pupils quickly learn to ‘think like Psychologists’, and a keen ability to critically analyse and evaluate behavioural theory is fostered through discussion, practical activities, debate and academic study.

Outside of the A Level syllabus, there is an active co-curricular program in Psychology, with students encouraged to become involved in 'Psych-Soc', a group that organises various events throughout the year. In addition, Psychology students also coordinate 'DS Together', a one-to-one mental health support group for all members of Durham School. 

After Durham

As well as being an extremely interesting and dynamic subject, an A level qualification in Psychology is attractive for a variety of careers and Degree courses. Each year a number of students take their study of Psychology into Higher Education, with recent destinations including the University of Edinburgh, Newcastle University and the University of St Andrews. 

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Being able to study psychology at Durham School has completely changed my perception of the world around me and myself. Furthermore I would have never been able to achieve my grades without the support and guidance of Mr Brownlee and Miss Watchman. 

Peter Fisk, Year 13

Psychology is a really fascinating subject where we cover a wide range of exciting topics. The teachers are very encouraging, helpful and their passion is translated into their teaching. It's provided me with a strong base of knowledge to continue my love of the subject at university. 

Melissa Holmes, Year 13

I think the psychology department is one of best departments in the school. I really enjoyed the subject as it lead to many questions being raised and answered and allowed me to understand a lot of different behaviours. The teachers Mr Brownlee and Miss Watchman are very enthusiastic and always made the lessons interesting and interactive to suit many different pupils. 

Harriet Collinson, OD (2015)


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