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Academic Physical Education

Gain a greater depth of understanding into sporting concepts and theories and the ability to comment on a Balanced, Active and Healthy Lifestyle.

Head of Department: Mr P Gerrard


Academic Physical Education is only taught at GCSE and A level. Both courses have a practical component, but the courses are an academic qualification. They are essentially constructed around the pupil's ability to comment on BAHL – a Balanced, Active and Healthy Lifestyle. There are psychological, sociological, physiological and organisational issues in both courses. As with all subjects, there is a big jump in the academic requirements placed on the pupil from GCSE through to A level, so whilst GCSE PE is helpful it is not essential to study A level Physical Education.  The courses are perfectly suited to the sporty Durham School pupil who wants to gain a greater depth of understanding into sporting concepts and theories.

Year 10-11

The course is delivered over 2 years from year 10 into year 11. It is 50% practically assessed (two pieces of the pupil's work) and 40% is an academic exam.  We follow the OCR GCSE course. [J586]

Year 12-13

At A level the course is split into 3 academic components in the L6 ; Anatomy & Physiology, Socio-Cultural Issues and Acquisition of Skill. In the U6 there is a further 3 components ; Exercise Physiology, Psychology of Sport and History of Sport.  The course is 65% academic and 35% practical in terms of its assessment criteria.  We follow the OCR course [H554].

After Durham

Each year a number of pupils will choose to extend their studies further by taking Sports Science or Physical Education courses at university. 

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