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Find out why Mathematics is the cornerstone to life.

Head of Department: Mr T Middleton

Teaching Staff: Mrs M Gordon, Mr S Wright, Mr C Fordyce, Mr A Pearson, Mr J Armitage


Mathematics is the cornerstone to life.  We have a vibrant and  enthusiastic staff who are here to engage and help you through all of the courses.   We are very proud of our results in mathematics with 100% pass rate at both GCSE and A-level.  For the last three years our Further Mathematics results have been 100% A*.  Each of the maths classrooms is equipped with an interactive whiteboard.

Years 7 – 8

In these years we follow a varied course which not only promotes the core basic skills but pupils also work on their problem solving skills each term by completing investigations.

Leader Teacher: Mrs M Gordon

Years 9 – 11

At Durham School we follow a three year programme.  Our more able students also cover the GCSE Statistics course as an extra GCSE.  Mathematics and Statistics courses allow pupils to develop their knowledge in the subject as well as seeing many practical ways of using it.  

 In the mathematics course pupils complete work on number skills, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and reasoning.

In Statistics pupils look at data collection, numerically and graphically describing data, probability, index numbers, the normal and binomial distribution and scatter graphs.  There is one controlled assessment to complete which allows pupils to take the knowledge from the course and use it to take some data, investigate it and write up an analysis of it. 

Lead Teacher: Mrs K Wilson

Years 12 – 13

A-level mathematics and Further Mathematics are challenging but rewarding courses.  If you are good at Mathematics and like a challenge then either subject is for you. Mathematics is a good rounded subject useful for the Sciences, engineering and accountancy.

In Mathematics  pupils cover Core 1 to Core 4 covering; algebra, geometry, series, trigonometry and calculus, Statistics 1 looking at measures of location and dispersion, probability, correlation and the normal distribution and Mechanics 1 which covers vectors, moments and equilibrium.

In Further Mathematics  pupils cover FP1 – 3; looking at further calculus, hyperbolic functions, complex numbers and further series.  They then pick three out of the four following modules; Mechanics 2, Mechanics 3, Decision 1 and Statistics 2.  All of which take knowledge further in each field.

Lead Teacher Mathematics: Mr C S Fordyce

Lead Teacher Further Mathematics: Mr S Wright

After Durham

Studying Mathematics at A-level can lead to a variety of options at university and beyond. The obvious examples are jobs which use mathematics; for example an engineer or an accountant.  It is also a useful subject to have studied if you considering science or Economics as it gives you an understanding of statistics, graphs and percentages.   


I enjoy Maths because it is challenging and sometimes it takes a couple of stages to work out the answer.  We also use teamwork to work out answers for problem solving work.  In Maths there is usually more than one way of solving a sum and this means not everyone uses the same method.  It is very differnet to other subjects and that is why I like it.

Robbie Fyfe, Year 7

I enjoy Maths as it encourages you to think logically in order to succeed in the problem that you are faced with.  The methods are often routine, however, the challenge comes with applying these correctly to get a satisfactory answer which is rewarding in itself.

Ben Pulman, Year 10

I enjoy solving problems, so I chose A Level Maths which allows me to test my own limits. Further Maths allows me to extend my knowledge in other subjects, as it is an integral part of the human universe.  The teachers are engaging, providing me with the tools required to take on a challenge.

Gabriel Parkinson, Year 12
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