Computer Science: Durham School: independent day and boarding school in the North East of England for boys and girls
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Computer Science

Use the latest technology to develop your skill set ready for higher education and employment.

Head of Department: Mr A McMillan

Teaching Staff: Mr R C Boyle 


Consisting of two modern computer suites, each classroom has approximately 24 networked computers, allowing controlled safe access to the internet for all pupils. Access to this network is available during the lessons and activities, allowing for free study or class work to be completed.

Site wide wireless support allows students to access the internet through the safety of the school firewall on their own computer equipment, alongside equipment that is provided by the school.

After Durham

Each year a number of pupils take the opportunity to further their skills through studying a computing/IT course at their chosen University. Whether this be Business Computing, Business Information Technology or Computing Studies, we fully believe that the computing skills pupils have gained in the Computer Science Department can provide a stepping stone in taking their skills set further at higher education. 

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