Religious Studies, Philosophy & Ethics: Durham School: independent day and boarding school in the North East of England for boys and girls
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Religious Studies, Philosophy & Ethics

Develop thinking skills and the ability to select and use relevant evidence effectively.

Head of Department: Fr S McMurtary

Teaching Staff: Miss T Black


Religious Studies,  is a lively subject which combines the basic structures and beliefs of a range of world religions with an introduction to philosophy and Ethics. It develops thinking skills and the ability to select and use relevant evidence effectively.  Project work and individual research feature regularly across all years.

After Durham

Pupils regularly continue their theological studies at university whilst others apply the skills which they have learned in a wide range of degrees in arts subjects. This subject is well respected by university admissions tutors as it is recognised as developing higher order thinking skills. 


RS is really fun. We learn to be open-minded and to accept others’ views. We do a lot in lessons.

Freya Court, Year 7

Ethics is really interesting. It stimulates your brain and makes you think hard!

Thomas Yau, Year 11

I love Ethics as you get to express your opinion and it teaches you life skills about accepting and understanding other people's views.

Devon Besford, Year 11

Philosophy and Ethics allows me to think deeply, encouraging critical thinking.


Emily Young, Year 13
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