History: Durham School: independent day and boarding school in the North East of England for boys and girls
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Academic, thought-provoking, inspirational: History is the study of human nature, and teaches skills that are highly valued.

Head of Department: Mr S Wright

Teaching Staff: Mr S Macnair, Mr T Lehain


The History Department has a head start with Durham School pupils. They are absorbing history throughout the school day, and the ghosts of ODs haunt the lessons. Are they studying the wars against Scotland? King John Balliol attended the school. Are they looking at Queen Elizabeth's persecution of the Catholics? Step forward James Young, alias James Dingle OD.  Are they researching slavery? Behold Granville Sharp OD, who helped secure the end of slave trading.  Henry Hardinge, OD, fought with Wellington at Waterloo and became C in C of the British Army. Noel Hodgson is one of the war poets and fell on the first day of the Somme. History is truly all around them.

Curriculum enrichment

The History Department runs the Academic Society, which encourages research, presentations, visiting lecturers (such as John Lewis Stemple who spoke on his excellent WWI book “Six Weeks”) and debates.

The Department has strong links with Durham University, with seminars, visits and access to the Library.

After Durham

Each year students pursue History at University, including Oxford, Durham and the Russell Group Universities.

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