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Build your knowledge of the world we live in and an understanding of geographical processes.

Head of Department: Dr C Scott-Warbutton

Teaching Staff: Miss S A Buist


Geography builds knowledge of the world we live in and an understanding of geographical processes and current events, from local to global.

After Durham

Geography develops skills such as literacy, numeracy, graphicacy, spatial awareness, map interpretation, ICT proficiency, problem solving, team work, thinking skills and enquiry.  These skills are valuable preparation for many university courses and employment.


Why I love Geography

I chose Geography because of its relevance to so many global issues.  I've developed a broad range of skills involving fieldwork, essay writing and data handling.  Topics on urban and rural change have given me an insight into issues that will be important when I go on to study Architecture. 

Emma Gray, Year 13

Geography is a subject that encompasses a wide range of ideas from both science and the humanities.  Whether it's glacial landforms or urban deprivation or anywhere in between, Geography gives me a better understanding of the earth as a whole, from both a scientific and social perspective. 

Jamie Kirkbride, Year 13

Standing on top of a huge Icelandic glacier, gazing down into one of the many crevasses as clear pure meltwater plunged down into the deep, dark blue abyss, to the ‘heart’ of the glacier. This exhilarating feeling of wonder, excitement and sense of satisfaction in applying and understanding what I had learnt in the classroom to this real life ‘living’ machine sums up what fantastic opportunities are presented learning in the Durham School Geography Department. 

Alex Brown, Year 13
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