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Design & Technology

Develop your creative knowledge and understanding to apply the principles of Art and Design Technology.

Head of Department:  Mr M Baldwin


The Design Technology curriculum provides pupils with the opportunity to design and make products  with creativity and originality using a range of graphic and resistant materials. The schemes of work seek to develop pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to think creatively and work independently.

Year 7-8 Design Technology

Pupils undertake a variety of structured projects which develop knowledge and understanding of key skills.

Years 9-11 Design Technology

Two GCSE courses are offered to pupils, Graphic Design and Resistant Materials. Pupils develop project work using materials and skills relevant to each syllabus. The underlying structure and content of both courses is very similar. Pupils are formally taught the theory knowledge they will need in order to answer questions in the final written examination. (60% coursework, 40% exam) We follow the AQA Design Technology syllabus.

Year 9 pupils follow a focused pre examination course where key skills are practised and developed.

Years 12-13 Design Technology

Pupils at A level follow the Edexcel Product Design course with a graphics focus. The specification seeks to develop knowledge and understanding of key skills at an advanced level. Design activities require pupils to design high quality products that are fit for purpose and are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

After Durham

The A Level course provides access to foundation and degree courses in a wide range of related subject areas including Graphic Design, Product Design, Automotive Design, 3D Design,  Web Design, Multi Media Design and Architecture etc.

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