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Old Dunelmians

The School's lifelong commitment to its pupils is to promote and maintain contact between all Old Dunelmians.  

All pupils of Durham School automatically become members of the Old Dunelmian (OD) Society upon leaving the School.   To read more about The Old Dunelmians at www.olddunelmians.org.uk 

The Society is run by a committee off volunteers and works very closely with the School to organise a number of popular and enjoyable reunions and events every year. There are also regular OD sports fixtures and we have OD merchandise available to buy.

There are always opportunities for ODs to become involved in the work of the Society, whether through assisting with existing events, organising new events or even by taking on a role on the OD Society committee.

The Society exists for the benefit of ODs, who undoubtedly make firm, lifelong and lasting friendships while at the School.  What many ODs have found is having returned or attended a function after a gap (sometimes of many years), how good it is to be reacquainted with former teachers and old friends.


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