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Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University helps with EPQ research

19 March 2021

On Thursday lunchtime, Millie in year 12 met with Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University, Carole Burrell, who specialises in mental health and mental capacity law to gather research for her Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

Millie said, “For my EPQ I wanted to center the topic around something I was passionate about. I found that the best way to do this was to focus on a topic which I am interested in studying for a degree; as I want to do an undergraduate Law degree or possibly a Psychology degree. I decided to combine these areas and start researching how mental health is implicated within the legal system. My current title question now reads ‘With the focus being on the prosecution and trial proceedings of mentally ill criminals within the United Kingdom, how does the legal system deal with those suffering with schizophrenia for indictable offences?’”

When asked why she wanted to do an EPQ, Millie said “I have always wanted to do an EPQ to gain vital skills and develop my writing further as well as improve my ability to reason and to aid my other a-level studies by thinking critically and effectively. Personally, I was really intrigued by the idea of completing an EPQ especially since you can choose any topic you like. I knew that it would be an interesting experience and so far, I am enjoying working on it.”

Millie hopes to study Law and go on to become a solicitor in the future, so this has motivated her choice of EPQ topic. 

Millie said, “I am interested in the English and Welsh legal system in particular where there are implications of mental health, as it is an area that I am keen to peruse further at university. I am fascinated by the human mind; I find it extremely interesting to comprehend how the legal system deals with these criminals: to get justice for the victims and their families, rehabilitate the offenders whilst also punishing them and appreciate how their mental condition affects their levels of responsibility is a crucial part of our legal system. To make it fair for everyone is tremendously significant and this intrigues me - how is this possible?”

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