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Support our A level BTEC Business pupils!

12 February 2021

As part of A level BTEC Business, the pupils have worked had to create and manage their own online events. Both events are doing a fantastic job and are also raising money for important charities.

One of the projects is an online dog show organised by Codie, Mikey and Will. They have already raised over £1,200 for Dogs Trust and had a large number of entries. The pupils arranged celebrity judges, including the CEO of the Kennel Club, some great prizes, and there is to be an accompanying online session on dog welfare delivered by the Blue Cross.  If you would like to enter your dog in any of the categories (cutest, best dressed, best trained, funniest), please visit their website: Home | Online Dog Show (  The deadline for entries is 19 February.

Mikey said, “We thought creating an online dog show would be a really fun idea. Lots of people are buying dogs during lockdown and we are aware that some people are realising that looking after a dog doesn’t suit their lifestyles so are giving them up. We thought it was a great idea to raise money for Dogs Trust because we anticipated that the charity will need support in the upcoming months.”

A second project underway is Freemind3K created and managed by Archie, Connor, George, Harry, Jack and Miguel. This event is raising money and awareness for the Mental Health Foundation and encouraging people to get outdoors and active during lockdown.  They are asking people to walk/run 3km, tag three friends to also complete the challenge, and make an optional donation £5 to the Mental Health Foundation. They have currently raised over £200.  Details are here if you would like to take part: Fundraiser by Free Mind3k : Freemind3k (

George said, “Lockdown has been a really difficult period for everyone so we wanted to motivate people to get out of the house and be active. After creating and managing this project, I really think it has prepared us for the future of online events. It has challenged us to adapt and taught us to prepare but be flexible. Running our own events in BTEC Business has really given us an opportunity to learn practically.”

Please show your support to these brilliant events by liking their posts, taking part, or donating if you are able to.

Well done to both groups!

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