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Happy Chinese New Year from Durham School!

12 February 2021

Happy Chinese New Year from Durham School!

As we enter the year of the ox, we leave the year of the rat behind us. But how was the order decided?


The Jade Emperor said that he would name a zodiac year after the animals which went to him and the order that they arrived would determine their position in the calendar. The rat was sneaky and tricked the ox into giving him a lift. Once they arrived, the rat ran in first and therefore the ox became the second zodiac symbol.


The ox is symbolic in our little historic town too. In 1796, the Durham Ox was born and he would grow up to become well-known for his impressive size and shape. The ox was bought by John Day of Harmston in 1801 who travelled with the ox around England and paraded it at local farming fairs. Today, the ox is a salient symbol around Durham. Can you think of anywhere where you have seen an ox in Durham?


Happy Chinese New Year from Durham School!

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