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Re-opening of school information

05 September 2020

Re-opening of school information

Dear parents and pupils,

All information regarding the re-opening of school was sent via email to new and returning pupils/parents on September 1st in a document titled Return to School Information for Parents. The information below is an extract from this document.

New pupils will have an induction day on Monday, September 7. Boarders return to their houses on the same date.Durham School officially re-opens at 8am on Tuesday, September 8.

Arrival and Registration

Tutors will record pupils’ attendance Monday – Friday at 8.30 a.m. in their regular Tutor Group rooms. On arrival at school (8.00 a.m. onwards), pupils may leave their belongings in their designated House area, where they will have a locker to securely store their belongings. They should then go directly to their Tutor Group room at 8.30 a.m.

Day pupils should use the following entrances to their designated House areas:

Junior Bubble (Years 7 – 10)
Senior Bubble (Years 11 – 13)
The Caffinites Door on right-hand side of the House (adjacent to the kitchen) Main door (left-hand-side entrance)
MacLeod House Main entrance Junior Common Room entrance (accessed via the Grove garden and MacLeod House garden)
Pimlico House Door 3 (adjacent to SHM Study) Door 2 (main door)
Poole House Door on left-hand side of the House (accessed via the path around the back of the House and the small football pitch on the left) Main door (right-hand side of the House, next to the laundry)
The School House Main door to Headmaster’s Office. (Turn left into School House corridor) Side door (between School House kitchen and Room 9)














Drop-off and Collection Arrangements

Parents of day pupils should use the designated drop-off and collection points as follows:


The Caffinites

The Caffinites loop.

One-way system in operation: entry on right-hand side and exit on left-hand side.

MacLeod House

Pimlico House

Poole House

Grove Street.

Unofficial one-way system in operation: direction of travel from Margery Lane along Grove Street to Pimlico Street.

Exit Pimlico Street by turning left towards the roundabout.

The School House School Quad. One way-system in operation: entry opposite Poole House Drive and exit through the Kerr Arch.

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