Durham School and Durham Chorister School to Merge: Durham School: independent day and boarding school in the North East of England for boys and girls
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Durham School and Durham Chorister School to Merge

“The merger between Durham School and The Chorister School presents a fantastic opportunity to create a new School, taking the best from Durham School and Choristers to create an even stronger and more successful School.“

The Governing Body of Durham School and the Chapter of Durham Cathedral are delighted to announce that, with effect from September 2021, Durham School and The Chorister School will operate under one single Foundation to be known as The Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation. 

This planned merger will combine the strengths of both existing schools and build on the strong heritage and values they have shared for over 600 years. The merged Foundation will offer outstanding academic, pastoral and co-curricular opportunities for all pupils and further enhance the provision of independent education within the City of Durham. The merger will allow the Foundation to grow and develop in its size and strength whilst continuing to provide a focus on the education of the individual, which celebrates the unique talents of every child, nurturing and bringing out the best in them. 

It is our intention that the Foundation will be located on the current sites of both schools: the Pre-prep School will occupy the Bow site, the Prep School the Chorister School site and the Senior School the Durham School site. As a recognition of the history of all three schools, the Pre-Prep will be known as Bow School, the Prep as The Chorister School and the Senior school as Durham School within the overall Foundation.

The Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation will be governed by a Board which will comprise of existing Governors of both Durham and The Chorister Schools, including members of the Chapter of Durham Cathedral. The Chair of Governors will be Robert Ribchester, currently Chair at Durham School, and the Vice-Chair will be the Very Reverend Andrew Tremlett, Dean of Durham. 

The Principal of the Foundation will be Kieran McLaughlin, who will continue as the Headmaster of the Senior School. The Head of the Prep School will be Sally Harrod, currently Headmistress of Bow School. Ian Wicks, the current Headmaster of The Chorister School has announced his intention to fully support the process until September 2021, when he will step down. 

The Choristers of Durham Cathedral will continue to be educated within the Foundation schools and their commitment to the Cathedral Choir will be matched by a commitment from the Foundation to support them. Both Governing Bodies are agreed that there is a very strong case to merge to form a single Foundation providing education from 3-18 years. The merger will provide an enhanced educational experience for all of our pupils at every level. 

In particular, the merger offers more competitive sports teams with greater opportunity to participate; musical and cultural opportunities; increased investment in facilities; a more vibrant boarding experience and all the social benefits associated with a larger Foundation community. 

More details are available from the DCSF Website

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