Accommodation: Durham School: independent day and boarding school in the North East of England for boys and girls
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At the beginning of the summer term all new pupils joining Durham School are given a handbook telling them all relevant and important information about which House they will be joining as well as a list of important items to bring with them. Boarders usually share a room with one other pupil of the same or similar age and if space permits boarders may have a room to themselves.

  • All bedrooms contain a wardrobe but storage is limited. Pupils are strongly advised, therefore, to bring plastic storage drawers or boxes with lids in which to store personal items.
  • Pupils bring their own toiletries, and may bring battery-operated (not mains- powered) toothbrushes if preferred.
  • Pillow-cases and bed-sheets are provided by Durham School.
  • All items (including clothing) should be named, either with name tags or permanent marker pen. Pupils are advised to bring a pen with them in order to name extra items.
  • ipods and mobile telephones are permitted, and pupils may find a laptop computer useful for prep. However, pupils must be responsible in their attitude to security and ensure that valuable items are stored safely and carefully.
  • Every room contains a large pin-board for displaying photographs, posters, cards and so on.
  • Hair straighteners are not permitted due to the risk of fire.
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