Fees 2020-2021: Durham School: independent day and boarding school in the North East of England for boys and girls
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Fees 2020-2021

Class Year Group Termly Fee Annual Fee
Nursery FS1 - Full time provision £1,967 * £5,901 *
Forms 0-2 FS2 - Year 2 £2,981** £8,943
Forms 3-6 Years 3-6 £3,828** £11,484
Day Pupil Years 7-8 £4,972** £14,916
Day Pupil Years 9-13 £5,331** £15,993
Weekly Boarder Years 7-8 £7,947 £23,841
Weekly Boarder Years 9-13 £9,686 £29,058
Full Boarder Years 7-8 £9,238 £27,714
Full Boarder Years 9-13 £10,855 £32,565
Overseas Full Boarder Years 7-8 £10,026 £30,078
Overseas Full Boarder Years 9-13 £11,674 £35,022

* As a member of the Early Years Funding Scheme these fees are shown after deducting the early years funding contribution and are based on full time provision. If you would like part time provision, please contact the School for a specific fees quotation. 

** The charge for lunches will be £237 per term. Please note that this charge is compulsory


The fee charged represents an annual fee, which is normally divided into three termly sums payable in advance and due by the first day of each term. Alternatively, the fee can be paid in 10 monthly instalments by variable direct debit.


Chargeable extras are kept to a minimum. They are billed in arrears and are separately payable. Payment of fees is always due before the start of the subsequent term. Extras can include items such as individual music tuition, school transport, school trips and outings, photographs and other minor items.

Sibling Discounts

When two or more siblings are in the School at the same time, a reduction of 5% of the fee is made for the second child, 10% for the third child and 15% for the fourth and any subsequent children. 

Armed Forces Discounts

The discount offered to children of personnel in the Armed Forces, prior to the calculation of the CEA (Board) allowance, is 5% for children in EYFS through to Year 8, and 20% for children in Years 9-13. 

Clergy Discounts

A 5% Discount on day & boarding fees is offered to children of ordained clergy.

Notice of Withdrawal

A full term's notice is required when a pupil leaves the school, or when he/she changes status from day to boarding or vice versa or when a place that is accepted is cancelled.


An application fee of £75.00 is payable when the Application Form is returned. For Peter Lee Scholarship candidates, a registration fee of £100 is payable. Cheques should be made payable to "Durham School". The application fee is not returnable and its payment does not necessarily imply that a place will be available.


A deposit becomes payable when a definite place is accepted. This deposit is £250 for a Bow pupil, £250 for a senior day pupil, £500 for a boarder living within the EU and a full term's fees for a boarder living outside the EU. The deposit will be refunded at the end of a pupil's time at the School in accordance with the School Terms & Conditions, or immediately should the pupil fail to meet the entry requirements. The deposit may be offered as a donation towards our bursary fund.


Direct Debit Mandate (200Kb)

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