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Taster Days

Taster days are an increasingly popular way for girls and boys to experience first hand what life at Durham School is like.

We at Durham School have offered Taster days to prospective pupils for a number of years and the overwhelming majority of girls and boys who have availed themselves of the opportunity cannot wait to join us full time! 

A girl or boy joining us for a Taster Day will join a House and his or her own year group for the day (Year 7 in the case of those wishing to join us in Year 7) and can expect to attend all lessons and other activities (including games) held on that particular day. He/she will be escorted at every minute of the day by hand-picked guides and our staff will keep a friendly and watchful eye open for them.

In the case of a prospective boarder, a Taster Day can also involve an overnight stay, subject to there being space available.

Taster Days can be organised at any time of the school year, but it is best to avoid the very beginning and the very end of each term and any examination periods. A small but important amount of paperwork is involved in organising Taster Days, so please be sure to give us at least a week’s notice before you would like the Taster Day to take place.

To book your Taster Day please contact our Admissions Office on 0191 731 9270 or email admissions@durhamschool.co.uk

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