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Bus Routes

In conjunction with the other independent schools in Durham, Durham School is currently able to offer its pupils transport into school along several different bus routes every morning (Monday to Friday). Regrettably, it is not practicable at present to offer a return trip for all routes in the evening as pupils’ departure times from the four schools involved tend to vary considerably. However, there are return buses on two services and we are actively looking into ways of introducing a return bus service for other routes.

Cost varies according to distance travelled but, as a guide only, the average cost is about £3.50 per journey.

For information on all of the routes currently in operation please contact our School Reception on 0191 386 4783. It is often possible to insert further pick-up points into existing routes and all these arrangements are reviewed each term.

Please note also that Durham School is always interested to hear from parents and prospective parents who would like to see new routes added to the existing list and if there is sufficient demand, we will always consider adding a new route.


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