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Durham School

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Durham School Scholarships

Thinking of joining us in September 2012? Now is the time to apply for one of our prestigious academic or non-academic scholarships! Please read on to find out all about them.

Durham School offers prestigious academic and non academic awards for pupils entering the School into Years 7, 9 and 12 (The Sixth Form). The table below shows which awards are available at which age group.

Age Academic Music Art Drama DT Sport
11+ * * * * * *
13+ * * * * * *
16+ * * * * *

General Points

All assessments for scholarships and awards (academic and non-academic) take place at the School at the same time as the Entrance Examinations (on Saturday 3rd December 2011 for entry into the Sixth Form 2012 or on Saturday 28th January 2012 for entry into Years 7 or 9 in September 2012).

Two or more awards may be held at the same time but the total fees remission may not exceed 50% of fees. This does not apply to Bursaries awarded as a result of an assessment of financial circumstances. Candidates may not be awarded both an Art and a DT Award. However, other combinations of awards are possible, subject to the 50% maximum described above. All awards held are subject to regular review and are dependent upon continuing satisfactory behaviour and performance.

Academic Awards

Awards at I I +

Academic exhibitions are available for pupils entering the School at age eleven and are awarded on performance in the 11+ Entrance Tests. Such awards may be increased at 13 (see below).

Awards at 13 + (King’s Scholarships)

King's Scholarships are awarded as a result of a candidate's performance in the Durham School 13+ Entrance Examination. This consists of examinations in English and Mathematics and a short interview. All candidates sitting the 13+ Entrance Examination will automatically be  considered for the award of a King’s Scholarship.

An "internal" King's Scholarship can be awarded to a suitably deserving pupil or pupils  at the end of Year 8; this award is based on the pupil's performance in the internal school examinations at the end of Year 8.

Sixth Form Awards (Burkitt Scholarships)

Burkitt Scholarships exist for those joining the Sixth Form from outside the School. Several Scholarships and Exhibitions are awarded as a result of a competitive examination. Candidates choose two subjects in which to be examined. Additionally there is a General paper and at least one interview. An internal Burkitt Scholarship is normally awarded to a Durham School pupil (not already a King's Scholar) who achieves outstanding results at GCSE.

Music Awards

Music Scholarships and Exhibitions are awarded for entry to the School at 11, 13 and 16. It is expected that candidates will offer two instruments and the voice can be offered as an additional subsidiary instrument. An Organ Scholarship may also be available to those of sufficient standard and experience, and especially for sixth form entrants.

For entry at age 11, Exhibitions are normally awarded; these can later be increased to a full Music Scholarship at 13. At 13 and at 16, both Scholarships and Exhibitions are awarded. At 13 it is expected that a candidate's principal instrument will be at Grade V or above and at 16, Grade VI or above. At 11, candidates will need to show clear evidence of the potential to reach at least the standards required of 13- and 16-year-old entrants in due course.

Drama Awards

For further details and an application form, please contact Mrs Diane Woodlands (Registrar) on 0191 386 4783 (Extension 2268).

Art Awards

Scholarships and Exhibitions are awarded for entry at 13 and at 16. Candidates are required to submit a portfolio of their own work and also to undertake a practical test at the School, following a two-week period of preparation on the designated subject area.

DT Awards

DT Exhibitions may be awarded for entry at 13 and into the Sixth Form. Candidates are required to submit a portfolio giving evidence of their previous work and also to undertake a project the subject of which will be communicated to the candidate some two weeks before the date of examination. Candidates are expected to demonstrate practical skills and to discuss their work during the examination.

Sports Awards

Sports Awards are made at 11, 13 and to Sixth Form entrants. Candidates are expected to have gained county or regional honours in at least one sport or to provide other evidence of their ability and potential in one or more sports. To some extent there will be a balance between breadth of sports offered at a high standard and a single sport offered at an exceptional standard. Candidates for Sports Awards must show sufficient academic promise.

A brochure containing further details of all awards, examinations and bursaries (including examination dates and application forms) can be obtained from our Registar, Mrs Diane Woodlands (0191 386 4783)