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Yr 5 & Y10 work together building bird houses

07 June 2017

Yr 5 & Y10 work together building bird houses Several year 10 pupils went down to Bow for an experience morning with year 5 today.

Both year groups worked really well together with the year 10 demonstrating their DT skills by first showing the year 5s how to mark out material for use then showing them and guiding them in the safe and skillful use of saws to cut wood for bird boxes.

The weather held out for us so we were able to work outside surrounded by birds and squirrels eager to see what we were up to. A big thank you to all the year 10 students; Phil Greenbank, William Tomlinson, Katelyn Heslop, Chris Phyall, and Joe Houston, who demonstrated fabulous skills and proved great role-models for the year 5s. Keep an eye out for the finished Boxes which will be put up at Bow once assembled and painted.

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