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DS Together is launched to help improve mental health in School

12 May 2017

Year 12 students have sent up a group call 'Durham School (DS) Together, and their aim is simple, to support members of our school community.

There is often a lot of confusion about what we mean when we talk about mental health. Many people immediately start thinking about mental health problems or mental illness – but this is only one part of the picture...
Everyone has ‘mental health’ and this can be thought of in terms of:
• how we feel about ourselves and the people around us
• our ability to make and keep friends and relationships
• our ability to learn from others and to develop psychologically and emotionally.

We are living in modern times and we need to move forward in how we deal with real-life and the stresses and strains of our busy and hectic lives. Not talking about our emotions, having a stiff upper lip and thinking only some people have mental health issues belongs to another era. Now it’s time to make the help and support available to all and that it is #ok to say.

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