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Pupils outside of the European Economic Area (EEC) or Switzerland who are looking to study in the United Kingdom must be sponsored by a learning establishment which holds a license to sponsor the migrant under the UK Border Agency's points based system. We are very proud to announce that Durham School holds an A rated Tier 4 sponsor's license.

To qualify as a child student under Tier 4, a migrant must score 40 points. Points for initial applications and extensions are awarded as follows:

  • Having a conformation of acceptance for studies (CAS) from a licensed sponsor containing an unconditional offer of a place on a course of study at an acceptable level (30 points)
  • Having enough money to cover the course fees and monthly living costs for up to one year (10 points)

If you have accepted a place at Durham School and live outside the EEA, it is very likely that you will need a travel visa before you are allowed to leave your own country to travel to the UK. The normal procedure for this as follows:

  1. You will accept your place at Durham School.
  2. You will request a letter from Durham School to pass on to the authorities in your own country.
  3. Upon completion of documents required by the School (medical questionnaire, guardian details - required for all students attending Durham School along with documents required by the Admissions Team) We will provide an official letter from the School testifying to the fact that your son/daughter will be studying here full-time and giving the dates of his/her stay in this country. The CAS number will be included in this letter.
  4. On receipt of this letter, you will then apply for a visa.

Our dedicated member of staff will arrange collection of Biometric Residency Permits (BRP) in the first two weeks of arrival. 

If the Visa states that your son/daughter must register with the police they must let us know on arrival at scchool. The International Students Department will then arrange this. 

For further information on studying in the UK please visit the UK Border Agency website at: 

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