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Guardians for overseas pupils are a key part of the pupils’ experience in British education. Many of our full boarders live overseas and have a guardian and/or host family living in the UK who can act as a first point of contact with the School when necessary and with whom pupils can spend the holidays when the School is closed. Guardians are required for all Durham School pupils, even the ones who are 18 and over.

Being a guardian is big responsibility, and it is not a role to be taken lightly. Guardians perform the role of the parent and must act in the best interest of the pupil at all times.

In addition to abiding by all of the laws in the UK, guardians (or host families provided by the guardian) of Durham School pupils must:

  1. Be within one hour’s travel time of the school
  2. Be at least 25 years of age
  3. Be finished with full-time education
  4. Be fluent in English and, ideally, the student’s native language
  5. Be a guardian for three pupils or less
  6. Be available to contact at any time
  7. Be available to take pupils to appointments outside of school, if necessary
  8. Be available to provide transport and care in the case of infectious illness or injury until a return to school is possible

Durham School expects a guardian or host family parent to come to parents’ evenings to represent the pupil’s parents and be in communication with teachers, House staff, the International Students Department, as well as the pupil’s family.

When a pupil is staying with his/her guardians or host family, they must provide an unshared bed, three meals a day, adequate supervision, and transport to and from school.

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