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Arrange a Visit

If you would like to make a more personal visit to the School, with or without your child, we should be delighted to arrange this at any mutually convenient time.

We would strongly recommend that it takes place during term-time so that you can see the School in action.

Such a visit would normally consist of:

  • A meeting with the Headmaster
  • A tour of the School by a pupil
  • A meeting with a Housemaster or Housemistress and a tour of a House

However, each visit can be tailored to suit your own and your child’s particular interests, so that we could, for example, include a meeting with the Head of Music or the Head of Art or any other relevant member of staff. Do please mention any particular interest that your child might have when booking your appointment.

Individual visits normally last approximately 2 hours.  

To make an appointment to visit please contact our Admissions Officer on 0191 731 9270 or email or fill out the Booking Form below:

Booking Form

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